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Atlas is a comprehensive CRM system designed specifically for telecom companies to boost sales and improve the delivery of their mobile, landline, broadband or cloud communication solutions.


Re-design of Telecom CRM

Starting with the optimisation of key processes we worked with Atlas to deliver a total visual and interface overhaul of their existing .NET MVC framework. Starting the base styles and working forwards to layout and additional features such and progress indicators.

Screenshot of re-designed Atlas Quotes View
  • Re-design of data-table element
  • Re-design of Project view
  • Re-design of dashboard view
  • re-design of Project progress view



Research and understanding

Gaining an insight into how the application works from an end user perspective.


Development and architecture

Understanding the inner workings of the application and setup of local versions for initial scoping of files


Creation of base styles

Working up how the basic building blocks will look and behave in a single styles files with fundamental CSS which will effect 1000s of elements and views throughout the app.


Build out of new features and screens

The re-design and layout of key screens in the end user process. Additional features such as progress indicators, DataTables and Navigation.


Q&A testing

Thorough testing and review of updates across views to ensure all styles and updates are carried across all views and scenarios within the CRM.

Before and after comparison of re-design

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