Bonmo matches your brand with comedians to bring your brand from yawn-inducing to engaging and sharable.


Bonmo the central resource for hiring comedy talent

Bonmo gives your brand the edge by utilising comedians skills and talent in companies out-bound marketing activities, from script writing to producing comedic viral videos.


Distill a strong brand into it's web application and talent on-boarding process

Tasked with the initial stage of UX design and implementation of the comedian on-boarding process.



Define Ideal Comedian Journey

Creating an easy and engaging registration process was essential to maximise the on-boarding process to the Bonmo platform.
The registration journey adopted a mobile first approach with custom transitions and animations. Splitting questions into simple digestible chunks in order to speedily integrate new users to the Bonmo platform.


Design a great profile

Ensuring every comedian looks slick and is unique whilst conveying searchable skillsets quickly. Creating an intuitive and easy to navigate platform to search for the perfect voice for your brand.

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