Monmouth Dean


Redesign and build a custom CMS real estate

A text and icons with people and buildings on the background
  • A app or webpage that says live search that offers with skyscraper on the background
  • A three picture of a building on different colors on a webpage
  • A webpage on safari browser with a text on it that says our legacy for niche office space

Monmouth Dean is an award winning, bespoke Office Space Agency based in Central London and required a complete web redesign to compliment their growing business and property listings.

The complete web redesign consisted of the development of a custom CMS. The platform was designed to cope with high website speed, social tools, a variety of functions, multi request property searches and add-ons.

JYST designed and built a solution that provided superior property search functionality within the Monmouth Dean website to ensure that all property searches could be filtered with maximum efficiency for the web browsing customers.

A phone that open an app called Monmouth Dean and a webpage behind it and a gradient gray on the background that says mobile

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