Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements and useful options.


Stage 2 Tech Startup

Pictoso is a group photo-messaging App, focused around private, anonymous groups with impermanent messages.


The next brand in photo-social

Provide creative ideas around enhancing the App and making the brand synonymous with millennials and social media. A brand that understood, connected a delivered to this broad spectrum of users.

Pictoso App Development Screenshot



Research and Exploration

Full testing and analysis of the existing App and it’s features. Understanding the millennial generation, their behaviours, wants and needs.


User Journey

Wireframe out all screens of the App and look at simplifying the user journey and optimising the experience with quick wins to speed up interactive flow.


Creative Ideas + Feature Additions

After getting under the skin of the product group creative ideas around new features into big wins and small wins and begin process to bringing these ideas to life.


Re-Design App

Design improvements for overall layouts and design, improved home-screen, clearer images and interactive elements.


Design New Features

Touch-2-re-wind, photo editor, caption battles, voice reply, Sound FX and animated media elements, branded sticker packs, and export to comic strip.

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