BETA Energy

Re-charging customers passion for energy saving.


Conscious energy for conscious consumers

In-house project for large established energy company with a focus on renewable energy sources.


Energy, from the palm of your hand

Create an App experience for customers that was useful, insightful and engaging to build customer loyalty.

  • experts on mobile apps
  • experts on mobile app development and design



Research & Exploration

Understand key audience and their existing wants/ needs/ motivations. Look into existing energy App’s and other ‘green’ technologies.


User Journey

Prioritise information being supplied to end-users and key interactive points. Wireframe out all screens of the App and map out user journey.


Creative idea’s and concepts

Explore most create and engaging ways of conveying key information, including additional features that could enhance the experience.


Visual design and direction

A/B testing of 2 styles, illustrative and fun, VS bright, bold and contemporary. Draw up polished graphics for both tests.


Initial User Testing

Create animated and interactive prototypes of both visual styles for testing across multiple groups. Make iterative changes based on first round of testing.

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