BETA Energy


The challenge was to create an app experience for customers that was useful, insightful and engaging to build customer loyalty.

An app of a weather forecast on it
  • experts on mobile apps
  • A person that opens an app that shows a graph with a dark blue and yellow color format
  • experts on mobile app development and design

Taking inspiration from expanding green energy sector, the key of this project was to work with market research to isolate and understand the metrics that motivate users to change their energy consumption habits.

Working with the focus groups actioned were prioritized on creating A/B testing on two styles – Illustrative and fun versus bright, bold and contemporary.
From initial user testing, user journeys were created bringing together a product that supplied the end user with key interactive points and allow them to make energy consumption decisions based on their own energy consumption data.

A crop or screenshotted photo of an app on it's different tabs

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