User Interface Design and User Experience for onboarding new clients.

  • A man having conversation with someone while listening to a recorded audio
  • A online chat and video call app that opens the post call rating
  • An webpage or crop photo that says post call poll and a blurred webpage on it and a sky blue background

Streamline UI

In order to streamline the UI within the app, we returned to square one and re-designed all the basic elements starting with a fresh colour palette and a minimal clean shell for the extension. With a cleaner base to work with, we began re-designing key components such as bookmarking, chat and live-call recording features. These features needed to be given more prominence as per customer feedback.


UI/UX Design

User-based feedback found that users were getting lost in the on-boarding process of signing up to Ripchord. By entirely redesigning the on-boarding experience we were able to design more engaging on-boarding screens using illustrations and superior design formats. A deep dive into the app revealed many of the unique features were hidden, therefore the value proposition of Ripcord was getting lost.

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